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The Kanger PGOCC Replacement Atomizer Coils are made with premium-quality materials, making them long-lasting and well-performing. The coils’ wire is made with Nichrome metal (NiCr), which is known to deliver exceptionally clean and rich flavor from your e-juices. Kanger also furnished the PGOCC Coils with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton, which is devoid of contaminants such as bleach, colorants, and pesticides. This helps ensure an even more pleasant vaping experience, as you will be delighted by the intense flavor you will enjoy with each hit.

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KangerTech New SSOCC Replacement Coil for Subtank/TopTank/Nebox, the latest SSOCC from Kanger, which suits Subtank,Toptank, Nebox and SUBVOD. SSOCC stands for stainless steel organic cotton coil. The structure is vertical, same as the previous OCC coils. You'll enjoy amazing flavor and vapor with these coils.