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Power Up with the Innokin Proton Mini and Ajax Tank! Upgrade your vape experience with the Innokin Proton Mini 120W Vaporizer with Ajax Tank and Plex3D-Matrix coils. Ultra-Fast! Click the side-fire bar and the advanced Proton chip-set heats coils nearly instantaneously. Enjoy incredible bursts of flavor and vapor from your favorite e-liquids with the Ajax tank’s next generation Plex3D Matrix coils. Power users will love the advanced functions including temperature control, custom TCR, custom Wattage Curve, Bypass Mode, 3 Coil Memory Slots to save your favorite settings and more. Power up! The 3400mAh internal battery lasts longer and can be charged fast with 2Amp Quick charge.

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The Adept Kit by Innokin is an electronic cigarette of great autonomy in energy and e liquid. This is a simple and accessible kit, made for a vape in indirect inhaling. The Adept Kit is composed of an electronic mod with an integrated battery of 3000 mAh in capacity. The Adept Mod has been thought of for a large number of vapers including vapers who require a light and robust model.The Adept Box has a flexible and solid covering, resistive to shocks and dust. The Adept Box is also classed IP67 Waterproof.  This light mod is mad for vaping in all conditions, even in the most extremes.